Emailed DBCC CHECKDB Output

Email the results of DBCC CHECKDB

Situation: We had a very busy SQL Server, that could not have “DBCC CHECKDB” run during business hours with out impacting others.  I was being asking for the output from … Continue Reading →


Teradata BYNET driver information

Note: this is being shown on Teradata Express. Working with Teradata support, I was asked for the version of the BYNET drivers.  This is done with a utility called: bam … Continue Reading →


The Teradata Ferret Utility Says It Exited, But It Is Still Running

Problem:  I thought that I had quit the Teradata Ferret utility when I typed “quit”, because the screen displayed “Ferret Exited”.  My problem was I exited the utility with out … Continue Reading →


Install SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 2016 Without Internet Access

One of my frustrations with SQL Server 2016, is that the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is no longer included with the database instance installation.  It is now has its … Continue Reading →


Modify Profile Problem in Teradata

Problem: A profile was created with the wrong account ID which can be view in the DefaultAccount column in the dbc.profileinfo view.  This was causing a problem with viewing the … Continue Reading →


How to Turn Off the Logging Online Archive in Arcmain

The issue was a job failed that left Logging Online Archive on a number of tables on one of the Teradata databases. First step was to identify the tables affected, … Continue Reading →


How to Use the Teradata CheckTable Utility

In this example I am using the Teradata Express. Logon on to the Teradata system, using Putty is just a preference. Start the cnsterm supervisor screen (or window): cnsterm 6 … Continue Reading →


Creating an ODBC Connection to Teradata for Excel

Setting up a connection for Excel to the Teradata database was a little bit of a challenge.  In this example, the Operating System was Windows 7 and version Excel 2013 … Continue Reading →


How to run Showblocks with the Ferret Utility

Teradata support asked me for information from the “showblocks” command for a problem table in the Ferret Utility.  Below is an example of how I retrieved the information.  In my … Continue Reading →


SELECT Failed. 2646: No more spool space in …

Symptom: I was asked to look in to why a new account was get the following error in SQL Assistant: SELECT Failed. 2646: No more spool space in … Problem: … Continue Reading →