Teradata – Convert Timestamp to the Day of the Week

This surprises me that someone has not already posted this.

The TD_Day_of_Week function returns an integer value that need to converted to string value.  Careful when using this on a large data set, it can really slow down the response time.


TD_Day_of_Week(current_date) AS "TD_Day_of_Week Value",



WHEN 1 THEN 'Sunday'

WHEN 2 THEN 'Monday'

WHEN 3 THEN 'Tuesday'

WHEN 4 THEN 'Wednesday'

WHEN 5 THEN 'Thursday'

WHEN 6 THEN 'Friday'

WHEN 7 THEN 'Satday'

END AS "Day of the Week"

Teradata - Convert Timestamp to Day of the Week

Note: If you know of a native Teradata function that does this, please leave me note in the comments.

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