Stopping & Starting Teradata Viewpoint Services

Stopping & Starting the services for Teradata Viewpoint are the same in Teradata Express as they would be on an actual Teradata Viewpoint server.  Recently I needed to do this as a resolution to a support issue.

First check the status to see if Viewpoint is running.  By default, Viewpoint is not running in the Teradata Express VM.  As root or a privileged user run the following command:

/opt/teradata/viewpoint/bin/ status

To start the Viewpoint services, run the following command:

/opt/teradata/viewpoint/bin/ start

When the status command is run after the Viewpoint is started, the results will look the picture below.

When Viewpoint is required to be stopped, running the following command:

/opt/teradata/viewpoint/bin/ stop

Viewpoint also has a simple restart command:

/opt/teradata/viewpoint/bin/ restart

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