Business Objects 6.5 – Connection or SQL sentence error: (DA0005) with SQL Server

This is an issue with an older version of Business Objects, version 6.5.  In 2007, SAP purchased Business Object, and the current version is now called

“SAP Business Objects XI R3.1”.

Again this is an issue with older software that I did not find a clear resolution for.  From recently dated forums, this is problem is still happening.

The symptom is that a SQL Server 2000 database was finally upgraded to SQL Server 2005.  This is not my choice of an upgrade path, but certified by the vendor of the software we are using.

When the user attempts to refresh their report, they would get the following error: “Connection or SQL sentence error: (DA0005)” :





When clicking on the “Details>>” button, there error is something like “non-ANSI outer join operators (“*=” or “=*”)”:








The resolution is the ANSI92 parameter in the universe file needs to be changed from “no” to “yes”.  The following is the steps to accomplish this.

First, close the report in business objects application after getting this error.  The universe file is going to need to be corrected before the report will correctly refresh.

Next, open the report’s universe file in the Business Objects designer.

Then click on the FILE drop down menu, and click on the PARAMETERS app.  Once the Universe Parameters app opens, click on the last tab called PARAMETER.  Highlight the parameter ANSI92.  The properties box below will be auto filled with the current information.  Change the value from NO to YES.  Then click the REPLACE button to update the parameter.  Then click the OK button to close the app.












Now re-open your report.  Your will see that it will refresh with out giving you an error, and you can move on to the next thing.

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  • Manmit says:

    We could figure out that the issue was happening due to incorrect/missing entry in the TNS ora file required to connect to the Oracle database.
    Updated the entries and the issue was resolved.

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