About Me


Since 2000, I have been working with SQL Server & Oracle database systems.  Today, I work for an American fashion retailer.  Before then I have worked in the utility, manufacturing, & banking sectors.  I also have experience with SingleStore (MemSQL), MariaDB, Teradata, IBM DB2 & IBM Informix databases.  Plus experience with the Microsoft Windows, Oracle Linux, SUSE Linux, RedHat Linux, & the IBM AIX Unix operating systems.


I have a masters degree in Computer Information Science from Cleveland State University.   Also have an accounting degree from a North East Ohio liberal arts college.


SQLSkills IE1: training on SQL Server – Internals and Performance.  My highest recommendation for anyone supporting SQL Server.

Advanced Informix Performance Tuning: training on IBM Informix databases.  My highest recommendation for anyone supporting Informix databases.

Other Interests: Hiking, Reading

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