Teradata Error: Cannot Find Terasso Library


Setting up a new computer with the 16.10 Teradata Tools And Utilities & other Teradata programs.  When I went to setup the ODBC Connection to the using the Teradata Database ODBC Driver 16.10, a pop-up box appeared displaying the error: Cannot Find Terasso Library.

Cannot Find Terasso LibraryResolution:

To resolve this issue of this pop-up error, I had to run a repair of Teradata Tools And Utilities.

Run the executable that was used to install the Teradata Tools And Utilities.  By clicking on the TTU.exe executable file to start the installation program.  This executable file may need to be run with administrative privileges depending on the computer’s environment.

TTU.exe executable

When the Teradata Tools and Utilities splash screen appears, click on the “Install Product” button.

Teradata Tools And Utilities Splash Screen

When the Program Maintenance screen appears, click on the “Repair” button.  If the repair button is not available in earlier versions, then an uninstall and reinstall of the Teradata Tools And Utilities may be needed.

Repair Button - Program Maintenance screen

The repair may take a couple of minutes to run.  The repair program rebooted the computer I was working with once it was completed.  After this repair was complete, I was able to setup an ODBC connection using the Teradata driver without seeing this error.

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