Running A DIP Script in Teradata


The following was run on a Teradata Express 15.10 VM.


Teradata Support’s response to correcting a problem we were having with calendar functions was “running DIPCAL should successfully fix this error”.  I needed to know how to run a DIP Script


Note: This is not the only way to way to run a DIP Script.

  • Log on to one of the database nodes as root or a super user.
  • From the command line, run: cnsterm 6
  • In the CNSTERM session window, enter the command: start dip
  • Make a note, which window has started in, and exit the session by pressing the keys: CTRL + c


  • Open the window running the DIP session from the number listed above: cnsterm 1
  • Enter the DBC password for the database node. Note that the DBC password will be visible on the screen.


  • A list will appear of all the scripts that can be run, choose the number of the script needed.


  • After the script has completed, to exit the DIP session, press: n
  • Exit the session by pressing the keys: CTRL + c
  • Verify there was no errors in the output log.


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