Teradata chk_node VS nodecheck

Teradata systems have a couple of command-line utilities to verify the health of a Teradata node.  Both these command-line utilities are good to run when looking for something like hardware issues with the node.

1st: chk_node

This utility runs a combination of system check commands like ifconfig, machinetype, and crontab.  This utility is not available to run on the Teradata Express VM.  It finishes listing the location of the chk_node.txt file.

The Node Check Report is located at:


2nd: nodecheck
This utility runs a number of checks on resources like memory, queue length, and AMP worker tasks. This utility can be run on the Teradata Express VM. A healthy node result would look like:

No tunables show status of WARN or ALERT

Teradata nodecheck command-line utility

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