node.check Utility in Teradata

The “node.check” utility has been been around for a while with Teradata.  Recently I was working with Teradata’s Hardware Support team, and watched them use this utility to uncover a hardware issue.  In the log file that this utility produces, Teradata support found evidence that a CPU was going bad.

The best information I can find on the “node.check” utility is that it “verify system integrity of Teradata system utilizing PCI based nodes”.   The only references I can find to this utility in TAYS (Teradata At Your Service), is reference to the errors this utility uncovers.  I was not able to find in TAYS anything about the utility itself or the switches that can be used with it.

Teradata support says this utility is safe to run, but unlike other utilties it must be run from the “/home/support” directory.

# cd /home/support

# ./node.check -nc

Depending on your system, this utility will take a couple of minutes to run.  Once it completes, it will display the location of its output log to the screen.  If you grep the log for the word in caps “ERROR” or “WARNING”, you can view all the errors or warnings the utility found.

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