How to Use the Teradata CheckTable Utility

In this example I am using the Teradata Express. Logon on to the Teradata system, using Putty is just a preference.

  1. Start the cnsterm supervisor screen (or window): cnsterm 6
  2. Start the Teradata CheckTable utility by entering: start checktable
    • The system will acknowledge that CheckTable has started, make note of the window that the utility starts in.
  3. Exit the cnsterm supervisor screen by pressing ctrl -c: < ctrl -c >
  4. Enter the window that the CheckTable utility was started in, the example below was window 1: cnsterm 1
  5. Enter the command for checking the table: CHECK < database >.< tablename> AT LEVEL ONE;
    • In the example below, the PRODUCT table in the RETAIL database is being checked.

Start Checktable

Displayed below is what the results from the CheckTable utility for a table.  With this table, there are no issues.

Checktable Results

6.  To check all the tables in the entire database: CHECK < database > AT LEVEL ONE;

In the example below the CheckTable utility is check all three tables in the Manufacturing database.

*** WARNING: best to check when the database is not being actively used ***


7.  To properly quit the CheckTable utility, type “quit;” making sure that the semi-colon is on the end: quit;

8.  Exit the cnsterm screen by pressing ctrl -c: < ctrl -c >

Checktable Quit

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