The Teradata Ferret Utility Says It Exited, But It Is Still Running

Problem:  I thought that I had quit the Teradata Ferret utility when I typed “quit”, because the screen displayed “Ferret Exited”.  My problem was I exited the utility with out including the semi-colon at the end of the command.

Ferret Exited

Symptom:  When I run the command “cnscim -s“, I still see the Ferret utility active in Screen 1.


cnscim -s

Symptom: When enter the cnsterm supervisor screen (or window), I see that the Ferret is started in Window 1.

Cnsterm Supervisor

cnsterm 6

Resolution: Open the screen or window that Ferret was running in.


The history of what was ran earlier will be displayed.  Where the cursor is, type “quit;”. Be sure to include the semi-colon this time.  Then press “ctrl -c” to exit the screen.

Quit Ferret


Verify: To verify that the Ferret utility has actually exited, rerun the “cnscim -s” command.  It is visible that the Ferret utility is no longer active in Screen 1.

Again cnscim -s

cnscim -s


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