SELECT Failed. 2646: No more spool space in …

Symptom: I was asked to look in to why a new account (without a profile) was get the following error in SQL Assistant:

SELECT Failed. 2646: No more spool space in ...

SELECT Failed. 2646: No more spool space

Problem: Found that the user was created with out spool space allocated.  Also found it was not created with a default profile which would have defined the spool space setting.


Resolution 1:  Run the following SQL in SQL Assistant to allocate spool space to the user:

MODIFY USER < user >  AS SPOOL = < # of bytes>  BYTES;


Resolution 2:  Use the Teradata Administrator to modify the user settings.


1. Highlight the user you want to change.

2. Click on the Tools drop down menu, and select Modify User.

3. Enter the new Spool Space size.

4. Click on the Modify button.

5. Click the Close button.

 Result: May need to log the user out and back in to get the new settings.


Revision Note: The following users in the above examples did not have a profile.  If a user has a profile, the user will default to the spool setting in the profile.  Best practice recommends that all users should be assigned a profile.



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