Server ‘SERVERNAME1’ is not configured for RPC for a Linked Server

Once in while I am asked to troubleshoot a SQL Server database where my only connection is though a linked server.  Because this database server is on protected network, I … Continue Reading →

Oracle TDP error

TDP for Oracle error – SBT error = 7011, errno = 106, sbtopen: system error

Today, for the first time,  I configured TDP (Tivoli Data Protect) for Oracle on Linux .  I had already have done this many times before on AIX.  The Linux version requires … Continue Reading →

3004-303 There have been too many unsuccessful login attempts; please see the system administrator

Sometimes I am needed to do a little Operating System administration.  I work with a couple of a databases that are on the IBM AIX operating system. Although I work … Continue Reading →

Transaction Log Grows Unexpectedly Due to Orphan Transactions

Problem: A SQL Server 2005 database’s transaction log file is growing.  The transaction log file is originally 20 gigabytes in size.  Over a three day period, the transaction log grow … Continue Reading →