Collect Statistics Spool Space Error in Teradata

Recently I received an e-mail alert that my collect statistics job had a spool space error (“Failure 2646 No more spool space in…”) for one of the statements it ran … Continue Reading →

Unable to Connect to Teradata from Toad DataPoint with an Active Directory Account

A user was unable to connect to Teradata from Toad DataPoint using a Microsoft Active Directory account.  When I looked at the user account in Teradata, it was showing as … Continue Reading →

Stopping & Starting Teradata Viewpoint Services

Stopping & Starting the services for Teradata Viewpoint are the same in Teradata Express as they would be on an actual Teradata Viewpoint server.  Recently I needed to do this … Continue Reading →


When attempting to drop a database that I created for temporary use, I received the following error when I ran the “DROP DATABASE < database name >” command: DROP DATABASE … Continue Reading →

How To Find All Access Rights In Teradata

The problem with the table DBC.AccessRights is that the data is not something easily readable.  Many of the columns use a 4-byte IDs. By joining a couple of tables to … Continue Reading →

Teradata Error: Cannot Find Terasso Library

Problem: Setting up a new computer with the 16.10 Teradata Tools And Utilities & other Teradata programs.  When I went to setup the ODBC Connection to the using the Teradata … Continue Reading →

Flash NIC Light on SUSE Linux – Teradata Server

Problem: I needed to know the ethernet device name of an unused port on a NIC (network interface card) on my Teradata server.  Using the “ethertool” utility, I was able … Continue Reading →

Unlock a Teradata User Account

1. Determine if the account is locked by failed password attempts.  When the failed attempts equals the max logon attempts set in the user’s profile, the user will be displayed … Continue Reading →

Running A DIP Script in Teradata

Note: The following was run on a Teradata Express 15.10 VM. Problem: Teradata Support’s response to correcting a problem we were having with calendar functions was “running DIPCAL should successfully … Continue Reading →

Teradata Finding Which User is the CreateUID

Problem: Looking at the dbc.roles table, I want to find which user created a role.  There is the 4-byte column in the table called CreateUID, which identifies the user that … Continue Reading →