After Cloning a 12c Oracle Home – SQLPLUS error exec(): 0509-036

Problem: After cloning a 12c Oracle Home to another AIX 7.1 server, I received the following error when I started SQLPLUS. $  ./sqlplus /nolog exec(): 0509-036 Cannot load program sqlplus … Continue Reading →

repvfy install problem


While working on an issue with Oracle support for our Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, I was asked to install the EMDIAG REPVFY Kit for Cloud Control 12c. When I attempted the … Continue Reading →


Run Level Requirement for Oracle on AIX

While performing the preinstallation tasks for an Oracle database on the AIX operating system, one of the requirements in the documentation asked that I “Ensure that the system is started … Continue Reading →


DIA-49424: Directory outside ADR not allowed

Working with the Automatic Diagnostic Repository Command Interpreter (adrci), I wanted to add a trace file to an incident package.  When attempted I received the following error: The Simple Answer:  … Continue Reading →


“SQLPLUS /” – ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

While working on my shell scripts, I hit a snag when I want sqlplus to authenticate using my operating system account without entering the login credentials.  When I tested “sqlplus … Continue Reading →


Checks if GVM Performance collection job is running

While upgrading to the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c on a Linux virtual server, I encountered an error on the Database Connection Details screen.  An error box popped up with the … Continue Reading →


OS Kernel Parameter: swappiness Warning

Recently I was installing the Oracle Grid Infrastructure – 11g2R on a virtual Linux server.  When the install process came to the Perform Prerequisite Checks screen, I received a warning … Continue Reading →


Restoring to a Different ASM Diskgroup

Recently, I wanted to restore my Oracle database on a different server in a different ASM diskgroup.  Sounds simple but I was tripped up on the syntax. Before I started … Continue Reading →

Unix - Linux Both

SQLPlus Newline Character

Not exactly one character will produce a new line in Oracle’s SQLPlus.  By piping the ASCII CHR(13) then piping the ASCII CHR(10) in that order (  || CHR(13) || CHR(10) … Continue Reading →

Oracle TDP error

TDP for Oracle error – SBT error = 7011, errno = 106, sbtopen: system error

Today, for the first time,  I configured TDP (Tivoli Data Protect) for Oracle on Linux .  I had already have done this many times before on AIX.  The Linux version requires … Continue Reading →