Windows Server Uptime

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Cannot Generate SSPI Context – Connection Problem

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Problem Patching a SQL Server Cluster

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Creating an ODBC Connection to Teradata for Excel

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Opening a Remote Desktop Connection in Full-Screen Mode on a 2nd Monitor

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BCP with No Output & No xp_cmdshell

My problem was that I needed to create a cvs file with an older version of a SQL Server database. My plan was to use the BCP utility to create … Continue Reading →

How to Install SQL Server 2012 Shared Management Objects

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Microsoft Lync Starts Automatically When I Log-On

At work, a vendor asked if I would join a Lync Meeting.  Since then Microsoft Lync now opens every time I log on my laptop.  This was annoying. Below is … Continue Reading →

Moving a Certificate from Windows to the Java Cacerts File

Recently I had a server with a java application that one day stopped authenticating users.  I was able to trace it back to the JDK  (java developer kit) that the … Continue Reading →

Grep like command in Windows?

In Linux & Unix, I find that I use the grep command to filter the information by different utilities that returns more then a screen full of information.  For example … Continue Reading →