Errorlog Configuration Problem When Upgrading SQL Server

Problem: This morning when working with one of my SQL Server servers, I went looking for an error log from last August.  After finding that I was only able to … Continue Reading →

Windows Server Uptime

There are times I need to know if a scheduled server reboot has occurred.  Below works on both Windows Server 2012 & Windows Server 2016. 1. On the server, right … Continue Reading →

Collect Statistics Spool Space Error in Teradata

Recently I received an e-mail alert that my collect statistics job had a spool space error (“Failure 2646 No more spool space in…”) for one of the statements it ran … Continue Reading →

Unable to Connect to Teradata from Toad DataPoint with an Active Directory Account

A user was unable to connect to Teradata from Toad DataPoint using a Microsoft Active Directory account.  When I looked at the user account in Teradata, it was showing as … Continue Reading →

Cannot Alter the Schema – Msg 15151, Level 16, State 1, Line 1

A rookie developer reached out to me requesting help to move a couple of tables to a new schema.  Thinking the developer did not have permissions to the one of … Continue Reading →

Finding Errorlog File Directory in SQL Server

Working with some new monitoring software, I need to locate the directory of the SQL Server’s Errorlog.  This location is not standard and differs by each version of SQL Server.  … Continue Reading →

Upgrading Oracle errors out with ORA-04031: unable to allocate ## bytes of shared memory (“shared pool”

While working to get my Oracle database upgraded to a supported version, using the DBUA I was getting the following errors: ORA-04031: unable to allocate 704 bytes of shared memory … Continue Reading →

Quickly Enable the Query Store for a SQL Server Database

Probably the fastest way to enable Query Store for a database is run the “ALTER DATABASE” command in a query window. First check that the database is not already have … Continue Reading →

‘fdhost.exe’ Process Is Not Controlled By The Update Wizard

When applying a hotfix update to SQL Server 2012, the step where “Check File In Use” produced the following error: The ‘fdhost.exe’ process is not controlled by the update wizard. … Continue Reading →

Error: 9002, Severity: 17, State: 4 – The transaction log for database ‘tempdb’ is full due to ‘ACTIVE_TRANSACTION’

Problem: This was a compound problem I had on a production SQL Server 2014 instance.  First was someone who scheduled a couple of load jobs at the same time which … Continue Reading →